Our Motto

Education Is The Manifestation Of Perfection Already Existing In Man

The motto of our school is “The Manifestation of Perfection Already Existing in Man”. It means that every person has some ability and is perfect in him. This perfection in a person is not due to education, but education helps in bringing out the innate ability from that person and manifests it. Education leads a person from darkness to light. Darkness stands for ignorance while light stands for knowledge. Hence this motto is highly suggestive: to an ignorant man the world seems hollow, full of fears and horrors, but to an enlightened man, the world is full of hopes, joys and happiness.

Life is a mission, where there is a mission there is creation and where there is creation there comes the role of teachers as well as children.

At “Rose Petals” our motto is:

  • To work for an overall development of behaviour, character and personality of the student and to encourage and arouse to fulfil child's curiosity to learn and understand things.
  • To identify each individual child's talent, to shape it and empower children with the latest knowledge. To watch them grow as successful signatures of tomorrow.
  • To ensure that children's inherent desires are not suppressed as it would inhibit their development and would become an obstacle in building up their character.
  • To ensure that our teachers at the school are much caring and loving to children like their parents at home.
  • To train children's sensibility in such a manner that they learn their lessons in a natural and eco-friendly environment.