History of Rose Petals

The school is located in the center of the city with pollution free surrounding. Rose Petals Secondary School provides comprehensive environment for a student to grow in. The building is designed keeping in mind airing in each classroom. Broad staircases, spacious corridors and spacious classrooms are some of the features which make the building accessible and safe for students. Adequate washrooms and drinking water facility on every floor makes accessibility easy for all students. A central courtyard accommodates entire school at a time. Rose Petals maintains a lush green playing park surrounded by shady trees that is used for all athletic activities. Students are taught in a healthy, caring and motivating environment and is continuously improved through positive constructive interactions with parents.

For better understanding of subjects each subject is supported with digital content to have a thorough and logical reasoning.

Competitions, smart class, various Olympiads together are regular features of the school. With so many options to choose from students can decide what they are good at and take it up as their career.